Hey you! This is me, I am Nita.

I am a wife, mother of three quirky little individuals as well as a lifestyle and family photographer based in a tiny mining town in Central Queensland. I am a bit of a larakin, I love to have a good laugh, often at my own expense. While I try not to take life too seriously I am also wildly inquisitive, always wanting to dig deeper, learn more about people and their journey often finding ways to somehow connect theirs with mine, even if they are polar opposites. You can usually find me somewhere in a paddock, chasing the sunlight while creating tangible memories for everyday families. I live for the in between moments, often the ones that are simply overlooked and greatly under appreciated, yet the very same moments we can only hope to remember so vividly in 40 years time. The real magic for me is in the chaos, the mess, the tenderness & joy.